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The best list of motivational speakers in India!!! Great Jitendra! Which ones are the best in Mumbai? Yogesh Chabria though he is not just a motivational speaker! Loved your site and techniques Jitendra for making the real financial freedonm by living like a hustler……now a days even bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Anil Kapoor are becoming motivational speakers as every person needs to be super….

Jitendra yours is the number 1 list of the best motivational speakers in India ……real hats of to you for making such a great list……. Charges for the speech Motivational Speaker varies based on the event i. Though for a really BIG event, people can charge more too. Though not every speaker is a motivational speaker. As shared on this page: At this second 1. He failed every and each enterprise he tried for nearly 8 years. He is a creative younger entrepreneur, anyone can make him their mentor.

When a motivational speaker speaks he touches the very lives of his listeners! He identifies his or her miseries, sufferings, hopes, adventurous, fears, love and a lot many emotions with the life of listeners. The worried, dejected, fearful, confused, disappointed, tensed people find a ray of hope, way for proceeding ahead in life. This is not a magic but reality. The speeches are not for admiration but for a transformation.

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As long as there is no transformation by the inspirations we get, it is of no use. So, I would appeal to every reader of this blog, look into yourself and analyze yourself who you are , what you are and why you are so? You are the result, the consequence of a long chain of human race before your birth in which you too are one part.

Every thought , attitude, action, liking , habit you has a invariable connection with your genes that carry the experiences, decisions, actions of so many people of the past generations! So, accept yourself as you are without any self blame or blaming others. In the light of your present knowledge , available to you from your own senses and that of others, bring in the best course of action in your life as beneficial to the whole human race because you are the part and parcel of every human soul on this planet! Identify yourself with every human being in pain or pleasure.

You will experience the divine soul in you. This will make you to communicate to them what is the best course of action for them and hence you will be most powerful and influential motivator and speaker in this world. So my dear reader the most powerful speaker is residing within you. Only thing is that you have to identify, realize and accept this truth. That is possible, when you identify yourself with every human soul as your own image and whatever is good for them in the real sense is good for you too and you must give them complete support, encouragement and cooperation in making them shine in the world, which of course, your own shining!

Sandeep maheshwari is not only best motivational speaker in India ,but also in the world. He sees things in a way that very few people can see. Sandeep maheshwari is not only best motivational speaker in India but also in the world. Hi, Jitendra Vaswani as you said you want to be on the list of motivational speaker, On my list you are on the top. Really inspired me. Without any second thought, Yogesh Chabria is the best of all. He adds value to your business, to millions of life globally.

Seriously how can u forget shwetabh Gangwar sir, mensutra channel…….

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Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Bloggers Ideas Deals. Cloudways Discount Coupon Code February Check Out More Blogs. Super fast. About Jitendra Vaswani. Related Posts. Sandeep Maheshwari is the best Reply. Jitendra you have shared a superb list of motivational speakers I have seen in India.

Agree Deepak Chopra is the best! He is a happionaire! Rahul Yadav. In my openion sandeep maheswri is the best motivation speaker….. Amar kumar. Hey Jitendra, You have explored best motivational speakers from country wide and they are really doing well and helping people to overcome from their personal issues. With best wishes, Amar kumar Reply.

For me Shiv Khera is best motivational speaker! Gaurav Dhal. Jitendra do you have idea how much they charge? Sonam Gupta. Kirti Sharma. Shalini Sentupta. Vikas Jain.

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Sakthi Moorthi. I need your speech Reply. Each one is the best! Ujjwal Patni Is Great.. Vivek Bindra Should be in the List Reply. Roshan Lal. Nice list Jitendra! These are really the best motivational speakers in India! Hi Jitendra, All these motivational speakers are best motivational speakers of India! Priya Kumar, Shiv Khera is also best motivational speakers and writer. Best list Jitendra! Ujjawal Patani Reply. It's not as if they're destitute! You guys can be upset about Colin Powel and Barbara Bush being there all you'd like. I'm mad at Terry Bradshaw. He talks like a mental patient!

Who's listening? And he has 4 Superbowl rings! Have some dignity man!

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Originally Posted by Cleon. It's just a cover. Colin Powell and Barbara Bush are having a torrid passionate affair, and need an excuse to travel together. Picture it Don't leave that part out.

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Last edited by Emet ; 20th May at We know. Really we do. Some of us grew up in da 'Burgh, and remain fans of the Stillers. But we've also seen this , among other things. In writing. All times are GMT The time now is Powered by vBulletin. However, the forum now exists as an independent entity with no affiliation with or endorsement by the JREF, including the section in reference to "JREF" topics. Forum Index. Mark Forums Read. User Name. Remember Me? Welcome to the International Skeptics Forum , where we discuss skepticism, critical thinking, the paranormal and science in a friendly but lively way.

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Feb Posts: Find More Posts by AdMan. Mar Posts: Last year my office took about ten of us to go to this thing. A couple of people in our group are big, big Christians. But during the first talk of the non-big name speaker, I realized what this was really all about: It really pissed me that the woman who ran this facade actually had people sign a card to give their lives to Jebus during intermission. And they were interesting, but to have to sit through the commercials for "how to make a lot of money in stocks" and especially having to sit through the proselytizing, really didn't make it worth it.

Jan Posts: Find More Posts by Puppycow. Dec Posts: Find More Posts by keale. Jun Posts: Originally Posted by keale Been to a few of these but without the jesus stuff. Find More Posts by Emet. May Location: Flying around in the sky Posts: Originally Posted by Emet http: Not hard to work out they are rubbish. Just look for references. They will be absent in most cases. A pity as many people could use a decent self help book. Apr Posts: Find More Posts by Cactus Wren.

Aug Posts: Find More Posts by Eddie Dane. Originally Posted by Eddie Dane So, how come such big names come to speak at these things? Big money. Originally Posted by rjh01 Money. You're close. The difference is the formula: Originally Posted by Puppycow So they really all are scams, then aren't they?

I suppose there may be, but I'm unaware of any. I'm not sure I'd call the Tony Robbins seminars scams. They overstate the effects on your life. But the advise he gives is mostly common sense stuff. Except for the NLP stuff, and I don't know if he still uses that. NLP itself has a common sense core with a huge amount of fluff and exaggerated claims around it. You pay for the fluff of course, the core would fit on a post-it note. And for those who like that sort of thing, Robbins offers days of mass-psychology induced euphoria.

She gave us a customer service number that does not work. I hunt down another seat, stolen from some poor sucker who probably just had to pee, and get settled to hear Gary Vaynerchuk speak. And he did have the best line of the day…. I believe the legal term for that is; false advertising. Say whaaaaat!? No way! Out come two stage dancers to hype the crowd, and the DJ turns up the dance music. One of the dancers is clearly a pro, beautiful with all the right moves. Well they go through the whole song and dance pun intended and guess who wins????

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Yup, the hot chick. Aka the audience hype girl.

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Then the hard sales pitches resume in earnest. I was trapped at a used car lot with no escape! And oh God! The way they sell this shit seriously makes your skin crawl. And real writers and authors the world over should too. It was now 3: You could feel the energy in the room. We were over it. And where the fuck was Tony? Where was he? At close to 4: Exploited by seven hours of pure shit. I think he must have picked up on the energy thing, or was maybe tipped off by the speakers before him, because that was his topic the first hour.

But there was something about the way he delivered them that felt condescending. I was trying to be a good sport, jumping around with the best of them; like a real cult. Clapping on que and giving strangers messages yes we did that and high-fives until our palms stung. By about 6: But the crowd was now digging him, and it seemed like I was the only one feeling this way. But, people kept leaving in droves between dance parties, because the event was promoted to end at 5: He kept making these comments, like those of us who were staying where the good ones, the serious-about-success ones.

As if the ones who had a life to get back to, or were starving to death were somehow losers. I finally ducked out at 7: Someone on my Facebook said he was still going at 8: It feels manipulative. The part of today that made me truly sad is that I saw 7, people who wanted to change their life, and find a way to live their dreams. This video kinda says a lot about how this man really is.

See the dude crawling behind him? What are they protecting him from? A rabid fan who rushes out to give him a high-five, or God forbid a hug?

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Kinda speaks volumes if you ask me. More videos of the event on my YouTube channel. Sorry guys, I need a web designer bad! It is good to know that I am not alone in this experience. This company needs to be shut down. Read my follow-up post. Author Life Coach Motivational Speaker and single mama. Seems like it was a circus show. Sorry you had to go through this, and Tony Robbins has to put up with this as well to earn a few more bucks for his million dollar empire.

To me, feels like prostitution. Best read his books, cheaper, on your own time, and worth every penny. This is the promise….. Special industry leading experts will share tips on successful strategies for investing in real estate and stocks to maximize wealth creation. Total disappointment. I lost all respect for Tony Robbins! Find it in a time-tested friend or family member who really cares about you. Look around you, use common sense: If their success were truly based on their teachings, you would hear hundreds, thousands of stories from real people who followed and applied those strategies, with real proof of what they did and where it got them.

And we believe them, because we want to believe them, not because they convinced us. Ich kann mich nur anschliessen, eine sehr amerikanische Verkaufsveranstalltung. Und viele Leute sind da echt drauf reingefallen.